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Speedy Tuesday - Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.012 Buyer's GuideIt was about time to update this informative article, that has been written and untouched since 2015. At the moment, a new facts found life and need for being addressed. We also saw a steep surge in the buying price of a good example of a Speedmaster Professional 145.012 or its spares.The Speedmaster Professional 145.012This reference was stated in 1967 and 1968. Some have been delivered a tad bit later, nonetheless it was replaced by the 145.022-68 in 1968.It is the last Speedmaster with caliber 321 movement (determined by Lemania 2310). Also, it turned out the Speedmaster with this sought-after column-wheel movement that had the highest production, somewhere within 27000 and 28000 pieces altogether. This basically implies that you will always will find a lot of them, iwc ingeneur watches fake rolex it's the easiest caliber 321 Speedmaster to find around the pre-owned market. The 145.012, with the 105.012, had also been the Speedmaster that Omega shipped to NASA in order to use during Extravehicular Activities (EVA) by astronauts over the Apollo missions. We realize seeing that the 105.012 reference was really utilized by Neil Armtrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin during Apollo 11. Aldrin's watch was worn about the Moon in July 1969, as being the legend has it that Armstrong's watch still existed behind inside the command module. However, Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins was wearing the Speedmaster Professional 145.012. Also astronauts of later Apollo missions had the 145.012 as opposed to the 105.012 (as well as the occasional 105.003 that has been still available).The advantage of the Speedmaster Professional 145.012 would it be was quite consequent rolling around in its configurations. No transitional models, no iterations throughout the creation of this reference. Nevertheless, alessi watches we receive a substantial amount of messages from readers which purchase a Speedmaster Professional 145.012 and have some questions, or those who already have or found one, and also have some doubts about its originality. This article is intended to give some insights inside Speedmaster Professional 145.012 and just what to find. I will also give a few examples of do's and don'ts and right and wrongs.Popularity of the Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.012The Speedmaster Professional 145.012 is truly one of those references with caliber 321 movement that is still relatively affordable. Where its predecessor is significantly over 10.000 Euro, the 145.012 has (most likely) a friendlier sale price. But perhaps not for extended, you never know together with the current craze for Speedmaster replica watches. Though it would be the caliber 321 Speedmaster while using highest production, this does not imply industry is flooded together as if it was the way it is 10-15 in years past. The well has been lost quite a lot, plus you've got to make the right money to obtain one. This reference was actually the first Omega Speedmaster which i bought myself, in 1999. It was still from the pre-Euro era (although in 1999 the conversion rate is communicated, the coin itself wasn't there until 2002), and I paid 2000 Dutch Guilders for my Speedmaster Professional 145.012, that is now about 900 Euro during those times. At a later date, I bought one or two a greater portion of those 145.012 references and i believe the very last one was in 2003 or 2004, for just a whopping 1300 Euro. Could not remember whether it had the proper bezel, playing with days gone by, nobody really thought about these matters.A couple of years ago, the price tag on the 145.012 was between 2500 and 3500 Euro, depending whether everything was original (hands and bezel include the main concerns nowadays) and when it came around the original reference 1039 bracelet. That has been until 2014. Forget about My business is afraid. Please read on.Since the 105.003 and 105.012 (and other pre-decessors) improved in price, so did the human hair wigs Speedmaster Professional 145.012. People that purchased one before 2015 is usually happy, others - that are trying to find one right now - is usually a bit disappointed. As I've written above, the well run out on the 145.012 as well as be difficult to find a decent 145.012Its successor, the 145.022, manage to stroll into the purchase price bracket that had been formerly usually the one from the 145.012.Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.012-67 available via omegaforums.net (by SpaceFruit)Common MisunderstandingsWe get a few emails and maintain job security from people asking us for guidance on buying a reference 145.012 Speedmaster. Some times, they already even found one, but have doubts about the dial or hands.A few them were regarding a dial of their reference 145.012 that didn't had the 'Professional' printing. Although I am able to essentially accompany the discussion that at the time of your production within the 1960s, Omega wasn't always very strict gets hotter stumbled on selecting the most appropriate parts. This has mainly related to hands though, not the dial. The dial of an reference 145.012 should always have 'Professional' printed on there. Identical to the emblem, it needs to often be an applied logo. Trust us, we've seen three instances of 145.012 replica watches with non-Professional and printed Omega logos. Below, a late 145.012(-68) while using flat-end chronograph second-hand.With the Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.012, it can be mainly in the utilization of hands which may confuse people a bit. Sooner or later in 1968, Omega started with all the flats (or straight end) chronograph seconds hand rather than drop shaped chronograph seconds hand. To find 145.012 models using the newer form of hand, that was later used in the 145.022 likewise. I can't imagine though, who's will be 'OK' for Omega to finish-up a pile of non-Professional dials within a watch that is certainly this can be the 2nd generation of 'Speedmaster Professional' replica watches. A watch maker may have been sloppy, however it is easier to assume that the dial continues to be swapped in a later period if your original dial was damaged one example is, along with a watch maker just added a non-Professional dial he previously in store.However the easiest thing will be to claim that these replica watches are faulty, I will be always somewhat hesitant to let them know as I have seen odd things previously at the same time and Omega seriously isn't 'strict' also inside their claims whether something is proper or incorrect. But also in the end, should they do not know the solution, nobody knows (excluding first owners with a memory).Do's and RightsExcept with the later Speedmaster Professional 145.012-67 versions with straight or flat-end chronograph seconds hands or the funky Racing dials (a tale about the early racing dial Speedmasters is found here), this reference is pretty straight forward.Normally, the Speedmaster Professional 145.012 arrive in a a-symmetrical case, have a Dot Over 90 bezel (DON), tritium 'T Swiss Made T' dial (with long indices) and tritium hands, single step caseback (with Seahorse engraved). What I've noticed, and my own Speedmaster Professional 145.012-67 is definitely an illustration showing that as well, is the hour markers and minute markers are most often very white on some models where other designs include some yellow-ish patina. It's really a common alteration in dials and hands of this era, when different suppliers were utilized for dials (and tritium).Up for trade on the OmegaForums.net website by user ac106.So do not be afraid a burglar experimented with remove the tritium from your dial automobile Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.012 looks very white, it is very common. However, most collectors choose the yellow-ish patina about the hour markers and in both your hands.Although I am not saying a purist when it comes to smaller details myself, when i prefer a watch that may be wearable and technically in top condition compared to a watch that may be worn-out but all original parts, some aspects i find essential for a reference 145.012-67 are:original dial & hands (no Super-LumiNova replacement 'cal 321' hands);original case (no replacement case or caseback);original movement (no replacement movement, which doesn't correspond using the watch or production year);technically perfectly functioning watch;no indications of moisture or any other damage within the movement;correct (or time-correct) bracelet ref.1039 or 1116;bezel with Dot Over Ninety;Less important but still interesting will be the original set of pushers and crown. However, this could conflict while using technically perfect condition since the seal inside crown goes away at some time as well as the pushers degrade also after some time. Also i mentioned the Dot Over Ninety bezel that is important, but i'm it's kind of overrated.Extract from the Archives, revealing the actual production year.Also, be sure to purchase an extract of one's watch. You can do this on-line, unless you are perfectly found on the USA. For many legal reasons Omega has to cope with otherwise, you might have request an Extract in the Archives by using an Omega Boutique. They will help you understand this technique. It's going to cost 150 Swiss Francs, yet it's worth the cost. A write-up regarding how the Extract on the Archives at Omega work, are available here.I see heavily damaged bezels (bear in mind the in-lay is made of aluminium which enable it to be scratched) using the famous DON and I personally desire a appealing bezel, even if it implies that it is a non-DON bezel. However, if this describes important to you and a Speedmaster Professional 145.012 won't have the first hands and DON bezel, take into account that these are not shipped without cost today. Making it possible to get a few hands for 200 Euro as well as a bezel for 100-150 Euro a few years ago, expect to pay around 1500-1800 Euro for a nice genuine DON bezel and around 500-700 Euro for the list of original tritium hands with drop shaped chronograph seconds hand. And you will probably find some offers that exceed these amounts.145.012 available by SpaceFruit around the OmegaForums.net website - caliber 321The moment you start out searching for a Speedmaster Professional 145.012 you will pay the greatest cost of course, but I also be aware that if you are not inside the watch trade, they may not be to be had to your account often. Anticipate a payment 7000-8000 Euro/USD for any good example, with original parts and bracelet. I wouldn't be blown away to see them increasing as perhaps the most produced caliber 321 Speedmaster is now an exceptional find.Go eBay, Chrono24 or have a look at the sales forum of OmegaForums.net one example is.One Last Tip!In case you are searching for the Speedmaster Professional 145.012 or no matter which other vintage or limited edition Speedmaster, be sure to get a copy on the Moonwatch Only book (we reviewed the second edition here). The reference for that Speedmaster. Although 250 Euro may seem steep on a book, imagine the price of an oversight you create when purchasing a well used 145.012 or special edition SpeedmasterA big thanks to Simone, Michael, Dave, ac106 and SpaceFruit for the utilization of their images in this posting.Hunting for a Speedmaster Professional 145.022 (caliber 861) Buyer's Guide? Click this link. Looking for a generic buyer's guide on Speedmaster replica watches? Click this link.*The first type of this article appeared here on December 8th, 2015.